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World-Class Engineered Systems That Reduce Your Overall Unit Cost

Acme reduces the cost of your metal finishing operations by as much as 65%. We design, build and integrate programmable robotic and dedicated systems that perform buffing, polishing, grinding, deburring and superfinishing operations.

We have installed more than 100,000 machines and systems, in more than 35 countries, over the last century. Acme’s diverse applications span many industries: automotive OEM and aftermarket parts, heavy truck, medical implants, aircraft/aerospace components, plumbing and builders’ hardware, cookware, motorcycle parts, off-road and agricultural equipment, hydraulic cylinders, stainless steel and specialty metals.

Our unique capability is this: hundreds of years of in-house finishing expertise, and decades of special machine building and robotic integration experience, combined with a deep knowledge of finishing media … including coated and structured abrasives, buffing wheels and compounds, non-woven abrasives, wire and nylon brushes … that comes from solving thousands of application problems.

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ACME Systems:


Robotic Finishing Systems

From grinding to satin finishing, hundreds of Acme robotic finishing systems are in the field, automatically and consistently producing 10 to 200 parts per hour, significantly reducing unit cost by over 65%. Media life is doubled or tripled due to contact efficiency (time on the part), constant work pressure, cycle time repeatability, and media monitoring / automatic adjustment. Fully enclosed cells, performing one to 12 operations, are designed and built on a turnkey basis, complete with tooling, off-line programming software and vision technology.


Centerless Grinding Systems

High stock removal rates, at high line speeds, with close dimensional size tolerances and low Ra surface finishes, are the hallmarks of Acme’s Centerless Grinding Systems. Processes include sizing and tolerance grinding, superfinishing, deburring and decorative finishing of bar and tube. Capability ranges from less than 3/32 in. OD bar to over 12 in. OD tube, with size tolerances to +/- 0.0003”, and stock removal up to 6 cu. in. /min. Single pass operations utilizing multiple heads are our forte.


Strip and Coil Grinding Machines

Hot rolled or cold rolled stainless steel strip and coil are processed at over 150 ft. per minute with Acme systems. Condition grinding, polishing and hairline finishing are performed with abrasive belts and rolls.


Dedicated Finishing Systems

Application-specific systems for low and high-volume deburring, buffing, polishing and grinding are also custom-engineered by Acme. We invite you to explore our website and see application examples that mirror your production equation.