Buffing | Polishing | Plumbing

Productivity-Enhancing Configurations for Buffing and Polishing

Acme machines for medium to high-volume buffing and polishing applications include:

- Universal Straight Line Conveyors
- Tangent and wide wheel buffing heads
- Conveyors up to 130' long
- Indexing and Continuous Rotary Machines
- Indexing machines from 2 to 16 stations
- Standard Buffing and Polishing Heads

Acme equipment begins with a rigid design for reliability, maintainability & durability, and features Smart Screen operator consoles, PLC electrical panels, remote troubleshooting via modem connection, automatic wheel wear compensation, and liquid and bar compound systems.


Mush Buff Process for Aluminum Faucet Parts


High Production In-Line Conveyor for Buffing Die Cast Plumbing Parts at 500 to 750 per hour


High Production In-Line Conveyor for Polishing & Buffing Brass Plumbing Handles at 1000 parts per hour