Deburring Systems - Automotive Components

Higher Efficiency and Lower Cost for Automotive Component Deburring

Acme deburring solutions for automotive components utilize nylon and wire brushes, non-woven abrasive wheels, and hard tools and abrasive flap wheels. Medium and high–volume automotive applications include:

- Transmission components including shafts
- Engine components (cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, connecting rods, camshafts, piston pins, crankshafts,
- Driveline components, including axle shafts
- Climate control Components, including compressor swash-plates
- Powdered metal parts
- Fuel handling components
- Exhaust stacks and components

TT Rotary deburr machine automotive gear parts

ACME Manufacturing: Index Rotary Automatic
Machine for High Production Gear Deburring


Robotic deburring and deflashing systems can include hard tools with tool change system, brush deburring, abrasive flap wheel deburring, and can be configured as an indexing rotary machine.

All Acme deburring equipment includes:

-Smart screen operator consoles
- PLC electrical controls
- Remote troubleshooting via modem connection
- Acme's rigid machinery designs for reliability, maintainability & durability

Featured on the right: Single and multiple-station brush deburring machines feature radial and/or disk brushing heads, single part flow, and either manual or automatic load and unload capability.




VVPlanetary-3-brush-head---Caterpillar-IMG 3965

Planetary Brush Deburring System \ 3 Disc Brush Heads


Single and multiple conveyor belt systems


Automotive Cam Shaft Deburring Process


Typical Deburred Parts