Liquid Compound Guns

PoliSpray is the Affordable Alternative

The Acme Polispray 3 is a high/low pressure airless liquid compound spray applicator, designed specifically for finishing operations. It delivers an accurate shot (up to 6 cc) of abrasive compound or lubricant every time, and the quick-change nozzle does not have to be removed to purge air from the gun. Optimized materials and machining of components further improve performance and reduce wear factors.

Replacement parts are directly interchangeable with existing Wido-Spray spray applicator service parts, and are shipped quickly from inventory in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Acme also offers repair, reconditioning and rebuild services. Also available: a new affordable low-maintenance compound pump (no wear parts) that replaces the traditional pressure pot configuration.

The unit is an affordable direct replacement for the Widoberg and Wido-Spray spray gun.


- Uses 25% less compound than other types of application systems
- Minimal compressed air consumption
- Controlled application of compound provides improved penetration of the buff and more consistent finishing results. Precise metering: Spray volume can be regulated between 0.2 and 6 cm3
- No compound throw-off, so the work area stays cleaner
- High exit velocity overcomes the turbulence created by fast-rotating buffing (wheels)
- Improved material quality for longer wear life
- Does not require a high-pressure pumping system

Remote Tip Nozzle

- Remote nozzles let you apply compound in difficult-to-access locations; the applicator stays clean since only the nozzle is exposed to the dust environment

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