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Acme has been recognized for excellence as a leader in the metal finishing industry by receiving Fanuc's highest honor as their 2015 Global Partner of the Year In 2016 Acme was recognized for the second time by the  United State's Secretary of Commerce  by receiving the Presidential "E-Star" Award for continued export success. 


As a Certified Robotic Integrator, Acme is regarded as a world leader in Robotic Deburring, PolishingBuffing, and Grinding Solutions as well as the manufacture of the worlds finest Centerless Grinding Machines. Acme provides flexible automation solutions designed to reduce your metal finishing costs, and produce the highest quality parts with unparalleled repeat-ability.



Acme has Over 110 years' experience, resulting in the most experienced & knowledgeable application engineers in the metal finishing industry. 

Acme is one of the largest Fanuc Level IV Certified Servicing Integrators. Products are built to RIA 15.06 safety standards and to UL or CE mark if required.

Acme uses the most up-to-date & state-of-the-art technology for creative engineering designs, software development, system simulations, & offline task programming. Acme provides system integration and intuitive operator interfaces.

Acme provides extensive &  comprehensive global customer service, on-site training, documentation & on-site support during and after installation. 

Acme is headquartered in Auburn Hills, MI U.S.A., with over 100,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space (two facilities).

Acme is represented in 10 Global Business Locations with over 90 employees worldwide.



Acme provides stand-alone cells, or can offer system-wide integration. The system pictured includes: conveyor automation, vision part-pick and place from tote with robot, robotic parting line blending and surface finish polish & buff. CCTV/DVR remote system monitoring is also included.

4240 N. Atlantic Blvd., Auburn Hills, MI 48326             

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