Robotic Metal Finishing Solutions

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Our Services

Deburring Machines

Deburring Machines

Acme has close partnerships with abrasive manufacturers to jointly develop ever-evolving deburring applications and has an unparalleled history of packaging these applications into high ROI tools that allow our customers to gain a competitive advantage in their industries.

Polishing Machines

Polishing Machines

Acme polishing machines are sought after by high-volume producers that do not want to sacrifice finish-quality for output. Acme’s polishing machines produce a blend of consistent high-quality surface finishes with a production rate that​ has been un-achievable by competitive solutions.

Buffing Machines

Buffing Machines

Acme’s decades of experience allows Acme buffing machines to produce a blend of consistent high-quality surface finishes with a production rate that​ has been un-achievable by competitive solutions.

Grinding Machines

Grinding Machines

Acme robotic grinding machines are a flexible solution for various material removal applications. From parting line removal, to weld blending, to cut-off & gate removal, and or heavy stock removal, Acme has a solution to get the job done!

Centerless Grinding

Centerless Grinding

High-production throughput for tubes, rods, or bar stock (grinding centerless) Acme centerless grinding machines provide continuous high-production throughput at minimized operating costs.

System Integration

System Integration

Acme systems are fully capable of integrating technology that provides decision makers accurate surface results such as Ra, tolerance, or dimensional properties.

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Shaping the Future Since 1910

Acme has been providing quality tools to the metal finishing industry since 1910. This kind of longevity is unparalleled in the industry and has resulted in an industry-leading wealth of knowledge that makes Acme the preferred supplier across a broad spectrum of industries. Acme has a wide variety of applications within our core solutions that provide our customers with industry leading technology.

Acme expects and demands only the best from our employees and our suppliers. Acme strives to maximize our customers’ productivity and quality at the lowest possible cost, which will result in greater profits for our customers. Continuous improvement of our products and services increase our customers’ profits and ensures Acme’s long-term success. Communication is Acme’s key to quality. Listening to our customer’s needs and carefully communicating throughout our organization assures the consistent delivery of products that meet customer expectations.

Robotic Finishing Cost Savings Opportunities

Switching from manual single process to robotic automated finishing alone can provide up to five times longer media life.

With Acme’s expertise, you can achieve:

  • Constant work pressure
  • Cycle time repeatability
  • Automatic & programmable force control
  • Efficient part path programming
  • Reduction of overall unit cost

Off-line programming and simulation speeds up program development processes and improves utilization. Universal tooling concepts developed by Acme, help to reduce system design time, build and operation costs.

On-line diagnostics and documentation minimize maintenance time and costs. Remote troubleshooting can be performed with an industrial VPN router or other standard remote connection options.

What We Bring You

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Acme has over 110 years experience, resulting in the most experienced & knowledgeable application engineers in the metal finishing industry.

Acme Integrated FANUC Robot

Certified FANUC Integrator

Acme is one of the largest FANUC Level IV Certified Servicing Integrators. Products are built to RIA 15.06 safety standards and to UL or CE mark if required.

Acme Integrated FANUC Robot

Technology & Innovation

Acme uses the most up-to-date & state-of-the-art technology for creative engineering designs, software development, system simulations, & offline task programming. Acme provides system integration and intuitive operator interfaces.

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Acme provides extensive & comprehensive global customer service, on-site training, documentation & on-site support during and after installation.

Aerial View of Acme Manufacturing Headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan

Made In America

Acme is headquartered in Auburn Hills, MI U.S.A., with over 85,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space (two facilities).

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Global Presence & People

Acme is represented in 10 global business locations with over 90 employees worldwide.

Robotic Finishing Industries


“Within a few months, it was clear to me that Acme had the expertise and experience to handle the automation. More importantly, Acme also demonstrated cultural DNA of integrity, commitment, open-mindedness and willingness to explore new ideas with our team. They are great collaborative partners!”

Dennis Kubica, Founder and CEO of Kubica Corporation

Dennis Kubica – Founder & CEO of Kubica Corp

“By far, the best decision we made to ramp up our production was to collaborate with Acme Manufacturing! After our introduction to Acme we immediately realized that they were a perfect strategic fit. They are automation experts, polishing experts and have a winning culture. Acme’s expertise in automated polishing allowed us to transition from our semi-automated process to a fully automated process in minimal time. They have earned our business and will remain an integral partner during our journey and growth.”

Medical Device Executive

“For over 80 years CENSA has partnered with Acme Manufacturing. The reason is simple, we changed from a company that solved every capacity problem by hiring people, to one that tries to solve all our problems with automation. To date, Acme’s technology has saved more than 200 jobs. We don’t see Acme as a supplier, they are our strategic allies and we have accomplished this by being a company of TOTAL QUALITY – quality products, quality people and quality communication – simple, everything they do, is simply the best”

Francisco Hornelas, Owner and General Manager of Compania Estanadora Nacional S.A. de CV (CENSA)

Francisco Hornelas – General Manager / Owner of Compania Estanadora Nacional S.A. de CV (CENSA)