Acme Singapore

As a standalone research and development center, Acme Singapore focuses on developing new solutions for Acme’s extensive South East Asia customer base. Acme Singapore serves as the company’s office for service personnel deployment to customers who have equipment in the field.

In 2018, Acme recognized an exciting opportunity to provide an enhanced level of service to its customers in South East Asia, specifically in the Aerospace MRO Industry. After determining the opportunity for both Acme and our customers was well worth the investment.

Acme Singapore’s office and R&D center is located in the Seletar Aerospace Park, which is shared with almost all of the largest aerospace manufacturers in the world.

​Acme Singapore is operated by Dany Dechamplain (Managing Director), who has over 20 years experience creating and managing lab and development departments for one of the largest aerospace manufacturers in the world. His knowledge and expertise in the areas of robotics, coupled with Acme’s 100 plus years of metal finishing experience, are second to none.

1 Seletar Aerospace Heights #04-08, Singapore, 797547