Advances in Centerless Grinding Technology

Innovations in centerless grinding technology are taking the industry by storm, and Acme is leading the charge. Centerless grinding offers increased productivity, better accuracy, and a smoother surface finish to cylindrical parts made from a variety of materials.

A centerless grinder removes material from a cylindrical part and refines the surface finish as quickly as possible. In short: a raw piece goes in and a finished piece comes out. Acme’s centerless grinders focus on stock removal, meeting low surface finish requirements and holding close tolerances all in a single pass.

Acme’s centerless grinders feed cylindrical parts through a single or multiple-head system at a much faster stock removal rate and line speed than hard wheel grinders while increasing safety and maintaining a high-quality output. In addition, to Acme’s robust machine tool design, one of the biggest competitive advantages is the use of coated abrasive belt technology, where you can have several different grits in a single pass solution. Acme partners with the world leading manufacturers of abrasive belt technology to provide the most efficient process. 

Acme’s high-quality centerless grinders remove material and grind parts to the required diameter, providing specific surface finishes while holding high tolerances, regardless of part length. In fact, Acme’s centerless grinders are so efficient and accurate that they can remove 1/16-inch (1.5mm) in a single pass.

Though the concept of centerless grinding has been around for more than a century, Acme has developed the most efficient and advanced centerless grinding technology in the industry. Since abrasive belt centerless grinding is several times more efficient than hard wheel grinding, Acme is leading a trend in replacing old centerless grinders with Acme’s advanced technology systems.  Acme’s multiple axis programmable servo system allows for quick changeover and bodes well for just in time operation.

No other company makes heavy-duty abrasive belt centerless grinders like Acme. Some of the world’s leading companies, who manufacturer hydraulic cylinders and plastic injection molding machinery, rely on this Acme technology.  To see how centerless grinding technology has directly impacted a company’s production efficiency, read the centerless grinding case study.


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