Acme Robotic Buffing Machines are used by companies that are some of the highest volume producers in their respective industries. Acme buff heads are built up to 9' for large part batches in order to maximize output.


Surface Finishing Overview

Robotic Buffing Value

Acme Buffing Machines are sought after by high-volume producers that do not want to sacrifice finish-quality for output. Acme's decades of experience allows Acme Buffing Machines to produce a blend of consistent high-quality surface finishes with a production rate that​ has been un-achievable by competitive solutions.

Industry leading robotic knowledge gives Acme an advantage with coverage on complex geometric shapes and also provides an advantage in finding the right media and compound formula to produce an accurate and repeatable surface finish that will set your products apart. Whether it be a mush, color, or cut buff application, Acme has the experience you need to get the perfect surface finish.

Acme's multi-part EOATs are able to hold large part batches while still providing maximum part coverage and a consistent finish.

Customers consistently choose Acme for precision applications, such as those needed in the medical industry as well as in the plumbing fixtureautomotiveindustrial, and hardware industries

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