High-production throughput for Tubes, Rods, or Bar Stock (Grinding Centerless) Acme Centerless Grinding Machines provide continuous high-production throughput at minimized operating costs. The systems use improved abrasive belt technology combined with either single or multiple head sequential belt grinding, integrated with proven part handling automation. Numerous Acme systems are in operation processing:

  • Tubing up to 12 in. OD (300mm)

  • Bar stock up to 6 in. OD (150mm)

  • Rod and tube as small as .060 in. OD (1.5mm)

  • Lengths as short as 2 in. (50mm) and as long as 60 feet (18m)

Machine setup and changeover to a different diameter tube or bar via CNC / servo-motor control permits rapid setups within two to five minutes for multiple belt head operations.


Products processed include hydraulic cylinder rods and tubes (telescopic); motor rotors, stators and other cylindrical components; nuclear fuel rods and tubes (titanium and zirconium); pipes, chrome shafts and cold-drawn bars; glass or composite rods and tubes.

Finishing Processes

  • Heavy Stock Removal for rough belt grinding with stock removal of .030 in. to .060 in. (0.75mm to 1.50mm) on outer diameter of tubes and bars

  • Tolerance Grinding / Sizing from 3 to 100 feet per minute (FPM) (1.0 to 30.0 meters per minute)

  • Fine Polishing and Final Finishing with surface finishes from 2 to 20 micro-inches (50 to 100 microns) Ra. Surface finishes below 1.0 in. (25 mm) are achievable.

  • Deburring with abrasive belts, wheels, brushes, and nylon abrasive products at 5 to 30 feet per minute (1.6 to 10 meters per minute)

  • Decorative Finishing (buffing, polishing, and satin finishing) from 10 to 80 feet per minute (3 to 26 meters per minutes)

Standard Models


Acme Centerless Grinding Machines can be equipped with one to eight belt heads, for wet or dry operation. Standard abrasive belt sizes range from 4 in. wide (100mm) X 84 in. long (2100mm), up to 12 in. wide (300m) X 120 in. long (3000mm).

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