Centerless Grinding

Provides some of the highest stock removal rates, combined with high through put line speeds & precision tolerancing, of any centerless grinding technology available in the market today.

Acme’s Centerless Grinding Technology

One of the key advantages of centerless grinding technology is the utilization of the most advanced coated abrasive belt technology available.

High production throughput for DOM tubing, steel bars, titanium & inconel rods and tubing can be achieved. Our line of centerless grinders and polishers use advanced coated abrasive belt technology combined with either single or multiple head configurations, allow for a single pass operation, removing maximum stock, producing a low surface finish, at high output. The rate of stock removal and surface finish achievement is dictated by the diameter of the material and the line speed of the material being processed.

Centerless Grinding Capabilities

  • DOM tubing up to 12” O.D. (300mm)
  • Bar stock up to 8” O.D. (200mm)
  • Rod and tubing as small as .060” O.D. (1.5mm)
  • Lengths as short as 2” (50mm) and up to 60’ (18m) long

Utilizing our CNC/servo-motor controls, permits rapid changeover of different parts sizes in 2 to 5 minutes for multiple head systems.

Materials Processed on Acme Centerless Grinding Equipment Include

  • DOM tubing
  • Heat treated bars
  • Titanium & zirconium tubing (Nuclear fuel rods)
  • Inconel rods
  • Ceramic coated bars and tubes
  • Glass rods
  • Composite tubing
  • Motor rotors
  • Decorative tubing

Acme’s Centerless Grinding Finishing Processes

  • Heavy stock removal for rough O.D. belt grinding can achieve .030” -.060” (0.75mm to 1.5mm)
  • Tolerance grinding/sizing from 3 to 100 feet per minute (FPM) (1.0 to 30.0 meters per minute)
  • Fine polishing and final finishing with surface finishes from 2 to 20 microinches (0.05 to 0.5 microns) ra. surface finished below 1 microinch (0.025 microns) are achievable
  • Deburring with abrasive belts, wheels, brushes, and non-woven abrasive products at 5 to 30 feet per minute (1.6 to 10 meters per minute)
  • Decorative finishing (buffing, polishing and satin finishing) from 10 to 80 feet per minute (3 to 26 meters per minute)
Acme Four Head Centerless Grinding Machine

Standard Models

  • Acme Model 1210, single or multiple heads,
    up to seven heads on a single base
  • Acme Model 611 HD
  • Acme Model 67
  • Acme Model 47
  • Material handling systems for all size round material
    • Load & unload tables
    • Powered outboard supports (POS)
  • Filtration systems
  • Mist collection

A Selection of Our Centerless Grinding Customers

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