From deburring of pistol slides and frames to polishing shotgun and rifle barrels, Acme robotic finishing systems for the firearm industries reduce or eliminate manual labor, lower your unit costs, and achieve new levels of repeat-ability. 


Processes include (but not limited to):


Components finished on Acme systems include pistol slides, frames and barrels as well as shotgun/rifle receivers, barrels, and scope rings. Acme systems are capable of finishing your steel or aluminum parts. 

Pistol Slide Polish
Trigger Guard Polish
Pistol Frame Polishing
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Cost Savings


Switching from manual to robotic automation finishing alone can give you three to four times longer media life, as a result of contact efficiency (time on the part), constant work pressure, cycle time repeatability, and part path programming capability. Flexible, automatic force control, with variable-speed spindle motors, optimizes compliance (response and reaction) of the finishing heads to suit the operation.


Off-line programming and simulation (Roboguide) speeds up the program development process and increases utilization of the robotic finishing system. Programs for complex parts and shapes are created and verified quickly. Heat monitoring allows automatic process modification to reduce affects of excess heat.


Universal tooling concepts developed by Acme for firearm applications reduce system design, build and operation costs. All equipment is built to RIA and CE specifications.


Unattended operation, with custom part queuing options, reduces labor content.


Maintenance time and costs are minimized with on-line diagnostics and documentation. Troubleshooting can be performed via modem and/or internet, with Ethernet host support


Media Life Management and Control


Automatic media wear compensation software ensures consistent performance throughout the life of belts and buff wheels by adjusting cell process parameters (such as cutting rate and force) to match the performance and lifespan of the media. Media life management software can provide up to five times longer belt life than conventional methods.

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