Acme Robotic Grinding Machines are a flexible solution for various stock removal applications. No matter if it is parting line blending, weld blending, gate removal, or heavy stock removal, Acme has a solution to get the job done.


Surface Finishing Overview

Robotic Grinding Value

Acme Grinding Machines are made as a flexible means of removing excess material from the surface of newly cast or machined parts with precision and efficiency.


By choosing a robotic grinding machine, customers save time and production costs while improving part uniformity. 


Acme EOAT designs focus directly on each individual part for process efficiency and repeat-ability. That, along with force sensing and media wear compensation, produce consistent and accurate stock removal while significantly reducing scrap rates.

Customers consistently choose Acme for precision applications, such as those needed in the aerospace/energy and medical industry as well as in the plumbing fixtureautomotivefirearm, industrial, and hardware industries

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