Medical Implant Robotic Metal Finishing

Acme creates automated finishing solutions that serve the medical implant industry, allowing clients to produce high-quality components consistently and efficiently while reducing unit cost.

Solution Overview

Acme has designed and built more turnkey robotic finishing systems for the orthopedic implant industry than any other company in the world with over 150 systems installed globally.

Since the first robotic finishing cell that Acme built in 1990, Acme’s robotic technology for the orthopedic implant industry has evolved. Acme provides turnkey knee implant systems for as-cast, CNC milled, CNC ground and net shape parts. Acme has extensive experience with materials such as cobalt chrome, zirconium, and titanium. These materials are either cast, forged, MIM (Metal injection molding) or machined from a solid.

Process Scope

  • Removal of gate witness and as-cast with coated abrasive belts
  • Grinding and polishing with structured coated abrasive belts
  • Cut buffing, color buffing and high color buffing
  • Programmable compliance in all abrasive belt heads
  • Programmable belt and wheel speeds to optimize operational performance, while maximizing the performance of the abrasive media
  • Flash removal
  • Many more

Component Solutions

  • Knee implants
  • Hip stems
  • Modular hip stems
  • Bone plates
  • Ascetabular shells
  • Spinal implants
  • Surgical blades

A Selection of Our Robotic Orthopedic Implant Finishing Customers

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