Metal Casting Challenges Solved by Robotic Grinding

For thousands of years metal castings have played a key role in the development and advancement of human cultures and civilizations. With countless advancements in metal casting manufacturing, the capabilities play a greater part in our everyday lives than ever before. 

Still to this day, manufacturing of metal cast components is a highly a labor-intensive process and hosts many safety concerns. With labor shortages affecting every aspect of manufacturing, it has become increasingly difficult to find employees for manual labor roles. With metal castings in most cases, almost every component requires a surface finishing process. The use of manual finishing tools is tedious and dangerous, causing lower part yield and variable part quality.

To solve many of these concerns and shortcomings robotic automation has quickly become the answer! With robotics introduced into metal cast manufacturing processes we can achieve:

  • Increased employee health & safety
  • A process that is repeatable and predictable
  • Improved efficiency with abrasive media life management
  • Reduction in scrap to increase part yield
  • Overall unit cost reduction

An Acme engineered robotic system is the answer to speed up production and ensure a quality part every time.

Robotic Grinding Capabilities

  • Gate cut-off
  • Gate grinding
  • Flash removal
  • Tree cut-off

 Watch this video to see a variety of robotic grinding applications.


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