Specialty Product Robotic Metal Finishing

Acme Manufacturing is used to taking on challenging material removal applications where other companies in the industry, will not. Generally, when companies contact Acme, it is not because they have an easy material removal application. It is usually because they cannot find an integrator that can help them solve their problem.

Solution Overview

Acme does not always have all the answers, with over a century of material removal experience in more than twenty industries, there is a good chance that we can help you.

Sometimes there is a lot of value, when working with an integrator/machine tool builder that knows what it does not know too! Acme has many customers who have asked to automate a non-material removal application. With a well-defined scope of work, the outcome will meet and or exceed customer expectations.

Process Scope

  • Collaborative robotic solutions for material handling
  • Autonomous mobile robot solutions
  • P-pin wax assembly for foundries
  • Chaplet assembly in ceramic cores for foundries
  • Integrating material handling of large parts
  • Part inspection, pre & post finishing with blue light scanning
  • Partnering on proprietary finishing solutions
  • Integrating blasting and material handling
  • 2D & 3D vision technology
  • Many more

Have a Part You’d Like to Finish?

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