Overview of Automated Material Removal Solutions

Automation Enhances Production

Acme Manufacturing’s automated material removal solutions allow companies to enhance their production by reducing unit cost per piece and increase quality, using robotic technology. This reduces risk, enhance efficiency, and standardizes quality in the manufacturing process. 

Safety is Top Priority!

An automated material removal solution utilizes robotic arms to assist (cobot) or replace a person who currently completes a “3D” task manually.  The process could focus on both functional or cosmetic finishing. Automating the material removal process serves as an investment, both in risk mitigation for employees, scrap reduction on high-value products and ultimately lower unit cost.

A robotic process focuses on safety as a top priority. Robotic systems can perform processes that are often referred to as “3D” tasks…. dirty, dangerous, and demeaning, thus allowing companies to utilize their employees in other areas of manufacturing where their skills are better utilized and appreciated thus improving their well-being and value to the company.

Many of Acme’s robotic grinding solutions incorporate technology that allows for process adaptability. Robots now can adjust to variations in the manufacturing process, improving quality and reducing costs associated with inspecting and reworking of the parts being manufactured. Additionally consumable (belts, wheels, etc) usage can be reduced by more than 4x. Acme partners with their customers to solve their finishing problems and challenges. We utilize the many years of process experience along with our Acme SmartFlexTM  HMI  (Human Machine Interface) to provide a robust and efficient solution. 

Save Time & Money

Robots are very reliable and repeatable in the manufacturing process. Acme’s material removal solutions offer consistent part production with dependable time cycles and save companies time and money while improving quality. 

Continuous Innovation

Acme’s wealth of experience helps create effective solutions for companies looking to enhance their manufacturing processes. As a leader in the metal finishing industry, Acme continues to push the boundaries of automated finishing and integration of robotics solutions. As data has become more important and a key metric to a factories success, Acme systems are Industry 4.0 capable. 

Safety, Quality, Profit

With advancements in robotic grinding technology, automated material removal continues to reshape metal finishing techniques, enhancing the safety, quality, and profit of the production process.


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