Parts and Services

From preventive maintenance tasks to operating system upgrades and cell evaluations, Acme’s team of service professionals are committed to keeping your investment running at maximum efficiency.

Keep your custom Acme cell and centerless grinder running at optimal efficiency with replacement parts and essential services to get the most out of your automation solution. Each Acme custom machine needs replacement parts from consistent use. Every automation system benefits from regular services and upgrades to ensure maximum effectiveness and longevity.

Centerless Grinding

Acme centerless grinders are built to operate consistently in rugged conditions, and that consistency takes a toll on certain parts in the system. To ensure that your machine operates at maximum efficiency and maintains its longevity, replace those high-usage parts on a regular basis. Contact Acme’s parts and services department to determine which specific parts in your grinder need to be replaced to keep your investment running smoothly.

Acme also provides a wide variety of specialized services that enhance your machine’s longevity and utility. Your centerless grinding machine benefits from services such as: training, alignments, and maintenance packages.


Robotic Metal Finishing

Acme’s deburring, polishing, grinding, and buffing machines provide constant work pressure and contact efficiency, resulting in enhanced productivity. With constant pressure comes stress on high-usage parts. Be sure to replace those frequently used parts regularly to maintain your machine’s longevity and efficiency.

Acme’s automation systems are custom-built for each scenario, and custom solutions require tailored services. Where some companies just provide services for their individual robot, Acme provides complete service on entire robot cells, ensuring that the whole system is running at maximum efficiency. Acme services include: training, software upgrades, robot lubrication, maintenance packages, retrofits, and tooling additions.



Not sure where to begin when it comes to discovering new parts or exploring Acme services? Contact our parts and services department at and we will guide you through the process.

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Download Our Robot Maintenance Agreement

Why consider an Acme maintenance agreement?

Looking to reduce maintenance costs? Acme can offer a maintenance contract to assist your team to ensure your robotic machine runs as efficiently as possible. The maintenance contract ensures that your Acme robotic cell is always performing at optimal levels. Acme sends a technician to your facility to perform critical tasks on your system. Acme recommends regular maintenance visits each year.

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