Acme's mission is to provide a solutions that adds value and optimizes our customer's production efforts. Efficiently and seamlessly integrating into customer's existing operations is key to successful automation, but in addition to integration, Acme strives to provide value-add options that go beyond quality part creation. Acme proactively seeks expertise in cutting edge technologies so that we can bring that knowledge to our customers and create an integrated solution that will provide them overall process optimization and thus a competitive advantage. 

Vision Systems

Acme process engineers are experts in Fanuc iRVision technology. Using 2D and 3D guidance, vision can accurately identify parts to eliminate the need for costly and finicky fixtures in many applications. This cost effective solution will reduce labor costs while also providing the opportunity for higher batch runs in lights-out production environments.

Measuring & Gauging

Providing quality feedback is critical for quality control as well as adaptive manufacturing. Acme systems are fully capable of integrating technology that provides decision makers accurate surface results such as Ra, tolerance, or dimensional properties. Acme systems are also fully capable of using closed-loop feedback such as force sensing to compensate for media wear or for adaptive surface finishing. 

Acme provides custom interface screens for comprehensive and intuitive operator use and preventative maintenance notification. Alter parameters on the go and get machine statistics in real-time.

Do quality checks in real time by integrating measurement systems and gauging. Be sure to inquire about Fanuc ZDT (Zero Down Time) predictive maintenance system to reduce or eliminate downtime due to robot maintenance/repair.   

Software Integration


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