Robotic System Integration

Acme proactively seeks expertise in cutting edge technologies so that we can bring that knowledge to our customers and create an integrated solution that will provide overall process optimization and thus a competitive advantage.

Vision Systems

Acme understands that successful integration involves more than just part processing. The ability to identify, locate and inspect a part is key to overall process optimization. As a full system integrator, Acme offers value add options including:


  • 2D vision inspection
  • 2D & 3D part identification
  • 2D & 3D robotic guidance
  • Bin picking
  • Vision based calibration
  • Blue light scanning

Measuring & Gauging

Providing accurate feedback is critical for quality control as well as adaptive manufacturing. Acme systems offer technology that can provide feedback to the system both before and after process. This data can be used to ensure both incoming and outgoing parts meet specifications. Acme can also integrate closed loop feedback systems that allow for adaptive processes. Some options for measuring & gauging in acme systems include:


  • Force sensors
  • Probing
  • Single point lasers
  • 2D lasers
  • 3D laser scanning
  • RA gauges
Acme Robot Measuring a Part with a Needle Probe

Software Integration

HMI Screen Main Screen

Acme provides custom notification interface screens for comprehensive, intuitive, and preventative maintenance. Acmes HMI’s (human machine interface) allows the end user full control of the process parameters. Integrated databasing capabilities allow for data collection that can be viewed real time or stored for later use. Security can be added to allow for operators to have as much or as little control as needed.

Acme systems are factory 4.0 compatible and offer easy connection to a customer’s smart factory from a local OPC server. Safe remote access is available with an industrial VPN router located in the electrical cabinet. This allows an Acme technician to assist a customer in a quick and convenient manor.