Robotic Metal Finishing

Since 1910, Acme has been providing quality tools to the metal finishing industry. This kind of longevity is unparalleled and has resulted in a wealth of knowledge that makes Acme the preferred supplier across a broad spectrum of industries. Acme has a wide variety of applications within our core solutions that provide our customers with industry leading technology.

Robotic Finishing Media Life Management

Automatic media wear compensation software ensures consistent performance throughout the life of belts and buff wheels by adjusting cell process parameters (such as cutting rate and force) to match the performance and lifespan of the media. Media life management software can provide up to five times longer belt life than conventional methods.

Robotic Finishing Cost Savings

Switching from manual to robotic automation finishing alone can give you three to four times longer media life, as a result of contact efficiency (time on the part), constant work pressure, cycle time repeatability, and part path programming capability. Flexible, automatic force control, with variable-speed spindle motors, optimizes compliance (response and reaction) of the finishing heads to suit the operation.
Off-line programming and simulation speed up the program development process and increases utilization of the robotic finishing system. Programs for complex parts and shapes are created and verified quickly. Heat monitoring allows automatic process modification’s to prolong abrasive life.

Universal tooling concepts developed by Acme reduce system design, build and operation costs. All equipment is built to RIA and CE specifications. Reduce labor content with unattended operation and custom part queuing options.

Maintenance time and costs are minimized with on-line diagnostics and documentation. Troubleshooting can be performed via modem and/or internet, with ethernet host support.

Acme Robotic Grinding of an Artificial Knee

Robotic Finishing Overview

Acme has over 100 years experience providing grinding, polishing, buffing and deburring solutions to industries from aerospace and automotive to firearms, foundries and medical implants. Download an overview of our automated material removal solutions by clicking the button below.

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