Transportation Robotic Metal Finishing

Acme engineered robotic finishing systems for the medium and heavy truck industry help to reduce or eliminate manual labor, lower your unit cost, and achieve new levels of repeatability and quality.

Solution Overview

For many decades, Acme has been providing automated robotic finishing technology to the OEM’s and their suppliers, to enhance productivity, minimize non-value added operations, increase their overall efficiency and improve the health and safety environment. Generally, components utilized in the heavy truck industry, are large and create ergonomic challenges during the manufacturing process. These are great opportunities for the utilization of six-axis industrial robots.

Process Scope

  • Abrasive belt and flap wheel polishing
  • Deburring of stamped parts utilizing wire and abrasive brushes
  • Deburring with non-woven abrasives
  • Hard tool deburring
  • Cut buffing and color buffing
  • Weld removal and blending with coated abrasives
  • Compliance with all media operations
  • Automatic media wear monitoring
  • Many more

Component Solutions

  • Steel and aluminum bumpers
  • Forged aluminum truck wheels, up to 24.5” dia.
  • Aluminum fuel tanks
  • Aluminum extrusions used for heavy duty trailer bodies
  • Aluminum headlight bezels
  • Steel exhaust stacks
  • Bright steel and aluminum trim
  • Crankshafts

A Selection of Our Transportation Robotic Metal Finishing Customers

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